Keira's 1st birthday

Keira Maree Langshaw was born in Newcastle on 12th May 2006.

I would have to say that my pregnancy was flying along normally, until I reached 35 weeks and discovered that Keira was still in the breech position.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, and my Dr arranged for me to have a procedure called ECV, this manoeuvre would hopefully move her into the normal birthing position, however on the day of the manoeuvre, she simply would not budge.  I remember my husband and me laughing and commented “This baby’s going to be a stubborn one”.

Keira was born breech and when she was born, she was not breathing, it was the worse few minutes of my life, and I thought we had lost her. Hearing her cry for the 1st time was such a relief.

Keira at 2 years old

Keira was born with a lazy eye and numerous skin tags, she was unable after many attempts to attach herself for breastfeeding as her sucking motion was just not there, feeding her was extremely difficult, as much of her milk was lost due to her not being able to suck correctly.  She had very low muscle tone and we knew something just wasn’t right.

A few days later we were told that her hearing test had come back with not such positive results, and that she would need further testing to distinguish if she had a hearing problem.

We didn’t want to believe something was wrong, but deep down we knew there had to be.

We were sent off for an MRI of the brain and told to make an urgent appointment to see a paediatrician.

Keira in the middle, with her big sister Tara, and little brother BaileyThe paediatrician had the results in his hands, and this is when for the 1st time, we discovered that Keira had Complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum.

We had no idea what this meant. What is that? What does this mean? Is she going to be ok?

Will she die?

A thousand thoughts were going through my head, but I couldn’t speak, I could feel the tears running down my face.

Keira with her new bikeThe Dr with little emotion told us, I don’t know if she will every walk, or talk or what her future holds, you will need to take 1 day at a time, my best advice to you is to seek early intervention as soon as possible.

With tissues in my hand my husband and I walked out of his office in disbelief, our trip home was silent.

As the months went by we slowing came to realise and except that whatever we can do to make Keira’s life happy, we would do our best to achieve that, if Keira was happy, then we were doing something right.

We have been very lucky to date, Keira has never suffered any seizures.

Keira’s treatment begins, she had Physio therapy, Occupational therapy, and Speech therapy.

Keira’s milestones have always been delayed, but better late than never we thought.

We have so many wonderful memories of Keira growing up and of her progress, but the most memorable for me, would have to be her 1st steps, she walked from 1 lounge to another, and I thought to myself, this is better than winning lotto.

Keira can feed herself, she point to objects she wants, but not yet capable of getting dressed, she is still in nappies, but we are working on her toileting and she is making progress.

Keira is now 7 and attends a special school, she is really enjoying school, especially swimming and cooking.

Keira's 1st Day at school age 5

Keira has been non-verbal most of her life, using some sign language and other gestures to get what she wants, but recently she has started saying some words, she probably has about 20 words so far, and we are confident that with time, she will add to her ever growing vocabulary.

We are so excited for her and this new phase in her life, every word that she uses is a step closer for her ability to be more independent.

Her current list of words are quite varied but my favourite word is Yogurt, so you can only imagine how much yogurt Keira eats.

We love our Miss Keira bell so much, she is a very determined little miss and she tries her best at everything she does.  Watching her ride her new bike (with training wheels) is Priceless.

We are delighted and very grateful that Keira is a happy carefree little girl that enjoys listening to music and watching the wiggles.

She also really enjoys her Ipad, and I believe this has been a great benefit to her learning.

Miss Keira at 7 years old

She may not be able to do everything, but when she does accomplish something no matter how small, we are the proudest parents in the world.

And when she looks at me and smiles, it melts my heart.

We love you for who you are Keira, and always will, our journey may not be easy, but we will travel it together.

Big Kisses and lots of hugs….Mummy, Daddy, Tara and Bailey