Federal Government Assistance

Our children often require more care and support than other children.  As well as the normal means tested Family support supplied by the government, a parent caring for a child with a Disorder of the Corpus Callosum can also be eligible for a Carer Payment or Carer Allowance.  More information on family payments can be found here.

Carer Payment

An income support payment for people who personally provide constant care in the home of someone with a severe disability, illness, or who is frail aged.  This payment has an income and asset test.  More information can be found here

Carer Allowance

A supplementary payment for carers who provide additional daily care and attention for someone with a disability or medical condition, or who is frail aged.  More information can be found here


Continence Aids Payment Scheme

In addition to these payments if your child is over 5 years of age and is incontinent they may be eligible for the Continence Aids Payment Scheme.  It helps people aged 5 years or more who have permanent and severe incontinence to meet some of the costs of incontinence products.  More information can be found here


Disability Care Australia

On the 15th May, 2013 the Prime Minister introduced into parliament the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  This may change how our children will receive help in the future when it is fully rolled out in all states.  This has now been given the name of Disability Care Australia.

DisabilityCare Australia – the national disability insurance scheme – will transform the way disability services are provided in Australia. The scheme is a new way of funding individualised support for people with disability that involves greater choice and control and a lifetime approach to a person’s support needs.

It will give all Australians the peace of mind to know that if they have or acquire a permanent and significant disability that requires support in everyday life, or they would benefit from early intervention, they will receive assistance.

For more information visit the Disability Care website